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Industry Ironworks custom builds complete metal stair systems for architectural and industrial applications. Every stair is uniquely designed for the exact requirements of the space and to meet all applicable codes. Our stair systems are engineered to support the anticipated loads with minimum deflection. Industry Ironworks stairs are supplied turn-key from design to installation with shop drawings and submittals available.

Our stairs can be fastened to masonry, metal and wood framing. In many cases no field welding is required during installation. All stairs are constructed with precisely fit and cleanly welded joints. Architectural class stairs feature exposed welds ground flush and profiled bracketry.

Basic Styles:Stringer Styles:Stringer Material:
- Straight
- Scissor
- Winder
- Spiral
- Curved
- Closed
- Open
- Mono
- Channel
- Rectangular Tube
- I-Beam
- Wood
- Concrete
- Metal Pan w/ Concrete Fill
- Bar Grating
- Grip Strut
- Traction Tread
- Open (industrial only)
- Semi-Open (residential)
- Closed
- Primer
- Painted
- Powder Coated
- Galvanized

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