All of our efforts at Industry Ironworks are aimed at providing customized, innovative products that require the least compromise and least inconvenience for the customer. From the first contact and throughout the design phase, we take a proactive approach to avoid costly complications and delays during execution. Precision is a top priority of our manufacturing, and we use the best materials and methods available to assure structural integrity and a quality finish. Installations are competed by our clean and professional crew who take extra care to protect the work area from incidental damage and complete the job as efficiently and invisibly as possible.

Discovery, Preliminary Design and Proposal

Our process begins by reviewing any specifications, drawings, sketches or sample photos the client presents. At this time, we also discuss the schedule and budget for the project. If we determine that we can satisfy all of their needs, we conduct a site visit, during which we take pictures, rough measurements, and determine the how our work would integrate with the existing construction, noting possible attachment points, possible interferences and advise if any additional support is required. We also discuss any special requirements and finishes the project may have and make suggestions for improving performance and reducing cost. Next, we do preliminary calculations of the appropriate material sizes, and sketch the attachments and special geometry required. For clients who do not provide their own design, we also sketch a few different design ideas, based on their input and their space. We then furnish a quotation detailing the proposed work with any options or alternatives listed.

Detailed Design

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we return to the job site and take precise, detailed measurements and make any necessary templates. Back in our studio, an exact CAD layout of the project is created. All of the geometry and connections are fully detailed prior to fabrication. If during the design process, any questions arise, we will go back and re-measure so that we are absolutely sure that everything is correct. For jobs which require an architect or engineer's approval, our shop drawings are submitted for review.


Accuracy, structural integrity and providing a defect-free surface ready for finishing drive our fabrication process. We are always investing in technologies to produce a better product. We machine the majority of our bolted joints for a precise fit. Our forming capabilities such as tube bending, sheet folding and ring rolling yield cleaner, more elegant looking work.

Welding is our core competency, and we take great pride in making welded joints which develop their full strength while also being attractive. It starts with parts which are cut and machined to fit tightly together. Edges are beveled as necessary for proper weld penetration. The members are carefully positioned and clamped in fixtures to maintain their alignment during welding. We are versed in TIG, MIG, flux-core and stick welding and choose the optimal process for the job. Most of our architectural projects are TIG welded as it produces the best appearance.

When exposed welds are to be ground flush, we take extra care to create a seamless look. Alignment of the surfaces prior to welding is critical. Any low spots discovered during grinding are re-welded instead of being gouged out with the grinder. We complete our grinding steps using a special soft sanding technique that smoothly blends the surfaces together without imperfections.

95% of our fabrication is completed in house, however when an component can produced at a lower cost to our customer, we will outsource laser cutting, large sheet forming and CNC machining. All design, assembly and welding is completed in-house.


We offer a variety of finishes that provide the look and corrosion protection required. Liquid paint from Sherwin-Williams, Duron or Rustoleum is our standard industrial finish. The metal is wire brushed to remove loose rust and scale followed by brush or spray application of primer and paint. Powder coating is a more durable and attractive option, and is used on all of our architectural steel and aluminum. The metal is sand blasted to white metal, removing all rust and scale before the powder is electrostatically applied and oven cured. Exterior grade powder coat receives a primer and top coat.

For interior applications, steel can be wire brushed and sealed with a wax, giving a natural gray tone. Alternatively, the steel can be chemically blackened and waxed. The blackened surface can be spot sanded prior to waxing for a burnished or distressed look. Stainless steel is offered in brushed (satin) and mirror polished finishes. Brushed stainless can also be chemically blackened like steel, with the grain showing through for texture.

The ultimate corrosion protection for steel is hot-dip galvanizing, where the steel is coated with layer of zinc. The finish is slightly rough and has a mottled silver appearance. Galvanized steel can also be subsequently powder coated.


Whether it be renovation or new construction, residential or commercial, large installations are an inconvenience for the owner or contractor. It is our goal to minimize that inconvenience. We accomplish that through shop fabricating as much as possible, quality control, and conducting our installations in an efficient, organized and orderly manner. Our personnel are quiet, clean and respectful of their surroundings, taking the extra steps to protect surfaces from damage and leaving the site cleaner than when they arrived.

We can fasten our products to wood or steel framing, as well as masonry. Connection to wood is usually done with lag screws. When fastening through hardwood floors, the hardwood is drilled oversize to prevent splitting. We can weld directly to structural steel framing, or drill and use high strength bolts if field welding is undesirable or a removable connection is needed. For the highest strength and cleanest look, we can core-drill and pour-in place in concrete, filled block and brick. Epoxy anchors provide heavy duty connections to concrete, block and brick. Mechanical anchors, such as wedge, sleeve, lag shields and screw anchors are lower cost options that can be matched to the loads and the base material.

Unless the client requests bare metal or a shop primer only, we deliver all our products with their finish coat, so no painting on site is required beyond field welded joints and minor touch-ups.

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