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Repair & Restoration

Industry Ironworks can repair and modify most anything made of metal. Examples include machines, tools, and ornamental iron. Repairs range from grinding out and re-welding a failed weld to straightening to removal of a section and splicing in new material. In cases where failure is due to inadequate design, Industry Ironworks can reinforce the work for greater strength. It is our goal to make the repairs as invisible as possible.

If you have something that needs to be adapted for a different application, we can shorten, stretch, machine or add mounts as necessary. All work is done with an eye on how the changes will affect the stresses the piece will be subjected to. We can also restore or reproduce antique items. Using modern methods, we will match the geometry of the original piece while staying as true as possible to the look.

For jobs that cannot be brought to our shop, our mobile unit will go to the work and complete the alterations there.

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